About Us

Welcome to Forest Cove Tollers.  We are located in Cove, Oregon which is in the very northeastern corner of the state.  Tempo (Aqueus Copper Cadence) came to live with us in June 2005.  He is from the Kefi X Shyne litter of Aqueus Tollers.  Our first girl, Pippin (Kylador's Quaintly Pippin) came to live with us in May 2011.  She is from the Reba X Josh litter of Kylador Kennels.  Our second girl , Wendy (Trilliumview's Au Naturel) came to live with us in September 2012.  She is from the Maggie X Solo Litter of Trilliumview Kennels. 

Our dogs are part of our family and live with us in the house and usually go everywhere we go.  We have an outdoor kennel which is rarely used, as we have a large fenced back yard and an adjoining fenced 6 acres of property with a creek and a pond.  The adjoining property is a great place to do training exercises.  The dogs love the free flowing water in the creek and the nice deep pond in which to take a swim or retrieve a bumper. 

Over the past nine years, it has been our pleasure to become acquainted with many other Toller owners.  We are always learning new skills and have enjoyed long discussions and the camaraderie around the show ring.  So many have been willing to give advice and help as we raise our dogs.  We have been ever so grateful to all.


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